Wonderful Seedless Lemons

No matter how you slice ’em, they’re seedless.

We are thrilled to welcome the newest member to the Wonderful family tree. Wonderful Seedless Lemons. They’re juicy, zesty, naturally seedless and non-GMO Project verified. They’re everything you love about lemons, minus the pesky little seeds.

Cook like a pro. Give your favorite drinks a twist. Because it’s so easy to use, this lemon is a big game-changer.

Naturally seedless

Using innovative breeding techniques, an Australian farmer studied thousands of lemon buds, searching for the perfect seedless lemon. After a number of years, he finally found a seedless lemon tree in his orchard. We partnered with him to grow our own trees, and now we’re bringing Wonderful Seedless Lemons to the U.S.

Sliced lemons with leaves
  • Same delicious taste as lemons with seeds

  • Juicy and tart

  • Naturally Seedless

  • Non GMO project verified. Nongmoproject.org

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